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Eyebrow Styling, Tinting & Lamination

Frame your face with beautifully shaped eyebrows

Brow Style

Price: $45 - $50
Time: 30 minutes
Frequency: Return every 3-4 weeks

Includes wax, tweeze, tint/dye, trim and shape. 
The brow style is perfect if you're just in need of a tidy up or a complete brow transformation.


Brow Lamination

Price: $70-$80
Time: 45 minutes
Frequency: Return every 6-8 weeks

Includes brow lamination, tint/dye, trim, tweeze and wax.
Do you want your brows to appear fuller?
Then a brow lamination is perfect for you.

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Additional Services

Brow Wax Only

Price: $30

Lip Wax

Price: $10

Chin Wax

Price: $10

Lash Tint

Price: $15

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Lash and Brow Packages

Brow Lamination & Lash Lift Package

Price: $130-$145
Time: 90 minutes
Frequency: Return every 8-12 weeks

Includes lash lift & tint/dye, brow lamination, wax, tweeze & tint/dye.

Brow Style & Lash Package

Price: $100-$115
Time: 60 minutes
Frequency: Return every 8- 12 weeks

Includes lash lift & tint/dye, brow wax, tint/dye, trim & tweeze.

Brows: My Services
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